Acquiring, managing, and empowering leading technology companies.

Our Core Values

Our business philosophies are simple

Excellence in execution. Being a contrarian, we believe in combining all three - quality, speed and cost. Driven to beat the best.

Do good. We firmly believe that success comes to those who deserve. We don’t have to compromise our values to achieve success.

Our Model

  • Identify, acquire, and elevate B2B service companies in the technology or software space.
  • Strengthen our portfolio companies by offering increased resources, financial support, and our industry expertise in the technology sector.
  • Purchase companies for the long-term (10+ years). We don’t buy firms to sell.


  • 100% acquisitions, however open to other ownership structures for exceptional firms.
  • Revenue thresholds up to $50M, but will consider exceptions both larger and smaller.
  • Fast: LOI within 2 weeks; close within 3 months.


Target Company Criteria

  • Revenue ranging from $40M-$60M
  • B2B Application Software- On-Premise or Cloud
  • Vertical solutions preferred, but not required

We look at deals that don't necessarily have to be the most attractive- negative profit, little growth, and legacy solutions are acceptable at the right price.

We're confident in our ability to bring value to any B2B application software company.

Being Acquired

Pre-acquisition, we do a deep dive into the operations and market industry of our target company. We identify the company’s strengths, weaknesses, gaps, and processes and capture the information in a cohesive and action-oriented plan. Thus we are well-positioned post-acquisition to execute an optimization plan to fill operational gaps and invest in areas of strength.

In addition to optimizing operations, we supplement existing departments by offering resources and guidance in the following areas:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • IT infrastructure
  • Research and development
  • Strategy/business planning

Increased infrastructure and bandwidth allow our subsidiaries to grow stronger while reducing overhead.

Besides implementing optimization plans, we do not take over day-to-day management of businesses.

Instead, our goal with all acquired companies is to work with the management team and employees to build and continuously develop a contemporary business plan.

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